$4.6K returned to metro Atlanta woman after brother sends to wrong number

He sent his sister rent money through Zelle. An unknowing stranger got it instead.
Updated: Nov. 10, 2021 at 2:34 PM EST
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ATLANTA (CBS46) — Millions of people love the convenience of peer-to-peer money applications like Cash App, Venmo and Zelle.

A metro Atlanta woman’s brother recently sent her $4,600 but she never got it. It turns out he sent the money to the wrong number. The money was for a new apartment and both the woman and her brother were panicked.

They called the old number and got lucky. The man who received the money was waiting for their phone call and returned every bit of the money. The grateful woman and her brother had dinner with the man and paid for the meal in cash.

Payment apps have gotten better about asking you to confirm the payment, but how do you prevent this from happening to you?

The best way is to send a test transaction first. For example, just send a dollar. And if everything goes to the correct person, send the rest of the money.

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