One-on-one interview with Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens after inauguration

Updated: Jan. 3, 2022 at 10:23 AM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Andre Dickens is now the 61st Mayor of Atlanta, and the weight of his new job of leading the city isn’t lost on him.

But Mayor Dickens is excited to get started.

“What an amazing moment, this isn’t even my first official day this is my first official hour,” the Mayor said.

Just minutes after he was sworn in, CBS46 Anchor Tracye Hutchins asked Mayor Dickens about some of the top issues he’ll tackle in his first 100 days, including buckhead’s quest for independence.

Hutchins asked, “In your speech today you inauguration, you made it very clear, atlanta, one city?”

“Right, we’re gonna be one city, and I’m gonna do everything I can in the first 100 days to make sure of that, and that means get the violent crime wave down, also means that those who’ve chosen that it’s time to leave Atlanta, I want them to stay,” said Mayor Dickens.

Curbing crime is another top issue, the Mayor has given Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant 100 days to deliver.

“The clock is ticking for everyone when you don’t meet the metrics and so as long as Chief Bryant hits the metrics of bringing crime down of making sure that we recruit the officers that we need and to retain existing officers and to do community based training that i want to see done so that our officers can protect and serve ... if he had do that he’s hitting the metrics that we’re looking for and he stays,” Mayor Dickens says.

And the city’s 61st Mayor says he’s listening to the community.

“People are asking me to serve and to help and that’s a good start, some folks may see it as oh my god that’s a lot of work everybody telling me what they want me to do, for me it’s a menu of items i know have to go out and deliver on,” Mayor Dickens says.