Bus drivers train to work as substitute teachers in Fayette County

Published: Feb. 23, 2022 at 6:55 PM EST
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FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. (CBS46) — Fayette County Public Schools is taking a unique approach to help with a shortage of substitute teachers by training school bus drivers to do the job.

The school system documented the training of 24 drivers and asked them to share why they decided to participate.

“It’s a way of giving back to help when we really need it right now,” Tina Barrett, a school bus driver, said in the video posted by the school system.

According to school officials, more than 120 substitute teachers have been hired since the start of school, but that wasn’t enough.

Many times, teachers had to step in and cover classes if another teacher was out. By training bus drivers, school officials hope to help the shortage.

Most bus drivers know the struggles of those shortages, as they’ve experienced the same.

The drivers who have been trained already are eligible to substitute as of this week, according to Fayette County Schools Public Relations Coordinator, Melinda Berry-Dreisbach.

They are able to work in the classroom between their morning and afternoon routes.

Berry-Dreisbach told CBS46 they are expecting to train more drivers this week.