Amazon facing $350M lawsuit for not providing safety gear to 2 drivers

Published: Mar. 23, 2022 at 6:18 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - An Amazon driver says he is so glad to be alive after someone shot him in the spine, where the bullet is still lodged.

“Life is definitely different,” Lawyer Denson said. “It’s been tough but I just got to keep working forward, keep moving forward.”

According to a police warrant, a homeowner said he mistook Denson for a burglar.

He’s not the only Amazon driver to be mistaken for a burglar by the same homeowner on the same night. Eduardo Gutierrez was shot five minutes before Lawyer Denson according to their lawyers.

“He shot me five times. Not one time. Five times,” said Gutierrez.

According to police, Keontae Guthridge thought the two delivery drivers were at his house to rob him. Guthridge says he already had packages delivered to his house that day and had also been robbed two weeks prior.

Guthridge’s mother said he shouldn’t be there for protecting his family.

“It’s heartbreaking because he has a 9-month-old out on the street, his wife, and now they’re put in a tough situation,” said Mia Guthridge.

Lawyers for the two delivery drivers are now suing Amazon for $350 million dollars, arguing the drivers did not receive safety visibility vests which could have changed the outcome.

“If Amazon cared about him and his family like they care about profits we wouldn’t be here,” said trial lawyer Ben Crump.

“Amazon has known for a while that they need to just protect their drivers and they have not done so,” said John C. Duff, a trial lawyer with Hilliard Martinez Gonzales LLP.

The men were Amazon Flex drivers, and on the Amazon website, it says vests and window clings are available to drivers, but a uniform is not required.

Amazon sent the following statement in regard to the lawsuit.

“We’re aware of this terrible incident, and express our deepest sympathies to the two drivers impacted. In addition, we’ll continue to offer our support to the drivers as they recover from these crimes and to law enforcement as they investigate them.”

Maria Boschetti | Global Media Relations