15yo student allegedly attacked, four Loganville High students charged

Student was reportedly doused with cleaning products
Published: Apr. 14, 2022 at 9:25 AM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - The Loganville Police Department has confirmed that four teenagers have been charged after allegedly forcing a 15-year-old male 9th grader into a bathroom closet for a prolonged period of time while being sprayed or doused with liquid cleaning products.

Police say they are investigating two incidents. The first one happened on March 23 and the second occurred March 31.

Additionally, the students are accused of subjecting the victim to harassing comments of a homophobic nature.

The four students are facing the following charges:

Suspect #1 (17-year-old): One count of false imprisonment (felony);

Suspect #2 (16-year-old): Two counts of false imprisonment (felony); one simple count of battery (misdemeanor); and one count of reckless conduct (misdemeanor);

Suspect #3 (14-year-old): One count of false imprisonment and one count of reckless conduct -- party to a crime (both misdemeanors);

Suspect #4 (14-year-old); Two counts of false imprisonment -- party to a crime and one count of reckless conduct -- party to a crime (both misdemeanors).

The 17-year-old, which has been identified as Kelsey Juliana Hayes, is being charged as an adult. Because of that, her mug shot has been released. The other teenagers are not being identified at this time.


Loganville High School also released the following statement:

School leaders at Loganville High School were made aware of a student incident that occurred before Spring Break at an after-school extracurricular activity. Student safety is a top priority and school officials are investigating the incident and working with law enforcement officials to ensure the district’s code of conduct and legal charges are appropriately enforced.

The Loganville Police Department issued the following statement:

The Loganville Police Department and particularly our School Resource Officers take cases and allegations of this nature with the utmost seriousness. We do not tolerate bullying behavior in any shape, form or fashion, for any reason, and I believe the charges made in this case reflect that stance.

As more parents learned of the arrests, more grew concerned about the incident that happened inside the school. Many spoke out on social media and in parent groups Thursday.

Jordan Fannin tells CBS46 he was bullied growing up in the same school, he says, because he is gay.

“I was also a victim of hazing and of bullying,” Fannin tells CBS46. “It brings back post-traumatic stress because I’ve been in similar situations. As a young child I was in such fear because all these people I am trying to speak against are so powerful. I just felt I wouldn’t be heard and I feel like I have little more of a voice as an adult not associated with the school system.”

Fannin and his friends are organizing a rally outside of Loganville High School on Tuesday afternoon to speak out against bullying.

“I would love to reach a broader audience that can bring awareness and possibly create a change in the school district not only in Georgia but other communities,” Fannin added.

While police reports state that the harassing comments were homophobic in nature, CBS46 does not know if the student victim in this case identifies with the LGBTQ community and would not expose the victim’s personal information without consent.

CBS46 reached out to Jeff Graham, the executive director of Georgia Equality, who the homophobic bullying allegations are troubling.

“Knowing that the administration did take action that is important, but this student that was so violently attacked needs to be protected,” Graham said.

Graham says anti-LGBTQ political rhetoric has grown more troubling in recent months.

“We don’t know the specifics of this student, but the allegations here in this police report are incredibly troubling and this is the role that we as adults play in trying to tame this. It’s making sure that the sort of discriminatory, stigmatizing, and hateful rhetoric that has been so much in the news in the last few months, we must stop that,” Graham added.

The principal of Loganville High School told CBS46 he would not make a statement as the investigation is ongoing.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.