What drivers should know before saving with E-15 gas

Published: Apr. 15, 2022 at 7:00 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Most Atlanta drivers can save money at the pump this summer – if they can find E-15 gas.

The resource Unleaded 88 lists about a dozen gas stations in the Atlanta metro as E-15 fuel carriers, including Gulf Oil in Marietta.

E15 gas, sometimes labeled as 88 unleaded, saves drivers six cents a gallon at the Gulf gas station. On average, drivers save ten cents a gallon and up to 20 cents a gallon with the fuel alternative.

The 15 stands for 15% ethanol. Most gas in the U.S. uses 10%. E-15 is usually not sold between June 1 and September because it can add smog in high temperatures, but President Biden lifted the restriction Tuesday.

“I’m committed do whatever I can to help, even if it’s an extra buck or two in the pockets when they fill up. It will make a difference in people’s lives,” said Biden.

2300 gas stations, mostly in the Midwest and South, will be impacted. E-15 is approved for vehicles 2001 and newer.

While 90% of vehicles on U.S. roads are compatible with E-15, many drivers aren’t aware they can use the fuel.

AAA spokesperson Garrett Townsend said drivers should read up before they fill up to make sure it’s safe for their vehicle.

“Pulling out that owners manual you’ve never had to do before is going to be crucial in a situation like this,” said Townsend.

Critics say E-15 usage could pose environmental and health hazards. Biden says the EPA will work with states to ensure there are no significant air quality impacts through the summer.