Marietta teen mows 50 lawns for free for people in need

Kids who take part in the challenge are asked to mow the lawns of the elderly, disabled, single parents, veterans and anyone in need.
Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 4:51 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 6, 2022 at 5:34 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - On the weekends, you can find 14-year-old Henry Odell mowing lawns.

”He started when he was about eight years old doing our lawn and then started picking up lawns for other people when he was 9,” said Justin Odell, Henry’s dad.

“Actually, it started where I didn’t get paid, it was a chore,” said 14-year-old Henry Odell.

The chore turned into an allowance, and the allowance over time turned into a business.

”He developed a brochure and came up with a plan to advertise and get new customers, went door to door with a little Marigold flower in a pot and his brochure,” said Justin Odell.

”I decided I could mow other people’s lawns. Eventually, I bought a trailer, I bought this lawn mower,” Henry said.

The jobs kept Henry busy but his business mentor encouraged him to take things a step further.

”They meet once or twice a year and talk about profit loss, income, expense, marketing, and retention - all of those business principles. One of the things they talked about was finding a way to give back,” said Henry’s dad, Justin.

Henry took up The 50 Yard challenge, created by a non-profit, called Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service.

The 50 Yard Challenge

”It gives them a sense of purpose, it gives them an opportunity to give back to those in need,” said Rodney Smith Jr., with Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service.

Between COVID, school, and his paying customers, it took Henry about two years to finish the challenge but he made it. There are almost 4,000 kids across the country right now doing the same.

”If you are going to be part of a community, the only true way to be a part of that community is to give back to it,” said Henry’s dad.

The 50 Yard Challenge is over, but Henry’s dad tells us his son has already mowed another lawn for free.

”Why not do 100!?,” said Henry’s dad.