Community fights for justice for Rayshard Brooks two years after his murder

Community remembers Rayshard Brooks on two year anniversary of his murder
Published: Jun. 12, 2022 at 10:44 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Two years after an Atlanta police officer shot and killed Rayshard Brooks outside an Atlanta Wendy’s, the community continues its fight for justice.

Brooks was shot and killed at a Wendy’s located on University Avenue in Atlanta in 2020.

A large group of leaders, members of the community and Brooks’ family and friends gathered where the Wendy’s used to be located. Flowers, balloons and strong messages for justice were on display at the rally held for Brooks.

“You see chill bumps run down me. I can’t believe it’s been two years already. It really seems like it happened yesterday,” said one person who attended.

The Georgia NAACP President says frustration has grown in the community because justice for Brooks has moved too slowly.

It was June 12, 2020, when police responded to a call and found DUI suspect Rayshard Brooks asleep in the drive-through of a Wendy’s in southwest Atlanta. Videos of the incident showed that after Brooks failed a sobriety test, he resisted arrest, struggled with the officers, grabbed an officer’s Taser, and ran off.

As he ran, Brooks tried to fire the Taser toward the officer chasing him. That officer then drew his weapon and fired three shots. Brooks died soon after at a hospital.

The officer who fired the shots, Garrett Rolfe, was fired days later. But the city’s Civil Service Board later reinstated him, finding that his supervisors did not follow city code in dismissing him. He remains on leave.

“Justice is moving too slowly,” said attorney Gerald Griggs of the Georgia NAACP, which has supported Rayshard Brooks’s family since day one.

Griggs said with no indictment yet from special prosecutor Pete Skandalakis, he’s not surprised the officer is filing a civil suit. He said he’s just ready for justice in the case.

“We feel like something happened and it’s up to a jury to determine what happened, but we watched the tape,” Griggs said. “We saw what we believed happened. Again, a judge found probable cause to issue an arrest warrant, so we hope that they will take the appropriate steps under Title 17 and Title 16 of the official code of Georgia and proceed with the criminal process.”

“Doesn’t matter how it happened it was still a gun that was used, so it’s still considered gun violence so we’re trying to get the community together to stop what’s going on, or else it’s going to be more Rayshard Brooks or innocent people,” one attendee said.

CBS46 News has learned from a source that the officer who killed Brooks is expected to sue the City of Atlanta and Fulton County.