Residents frustrated over A/C not working at Roswell apartment complex

Residents frustrated over A/C not working at Roswell apartment complex
Published: Jun. 15, 2022 at 9:50 PM EDT
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ROSWELL, Ga. (CBS46) - Dozens of residents at a Roswell apartment complex are heated. Their A/C’s are going out at the worst possible time.

“We are without A/C, which is ridiculous because right now, we literally have a heat advisory,” said Ireshia Smith, a resident at Grace Apartments in Roswell.

As temperatures in Atlanta heat up, so does the inside of Smith’s apartment. Fans and portable A/C units cover her floor and her temperature inside, even as the sun sets, was at 80 degrees Wednesday evening.

But she’s not alone. Smith says management told her about 80 other units are also without the flow of cool air.

“My husband and I can barely stand to live in our apartment,” said Jameisha Hush-Dendinger, another resident at Grace Apartments. “The interior of my apartment is over 85 degrees every single day.”

Management spoke to CBS46 on the phone and said they just took ownership of the property less than a year ago and are working to catch up on what is now a backlog of maintenance requests. A/C units are working overtime and dropping like flies.

“We have been placing orders and we’re having extra teams from other properties to come and assist us so that we can get this taken care of,” Grace Apartment management told CBS46 during a phone interview Wednesday.

But right now, there’s no timeline on when these residents might have a fighting chance to beat the heat.

“It is hot, it is so hot,” Smith said.

Residents are worried about more uncomfortable days and nights to come as the heat is expected to stick around.

Meanwhile Atlanta trial attorney Tom Church told CBS46, apartment tenants in this type of situation still have rights.

”It has to be livable and right now the temperatures we are looking at I think we are going to have at least three days where it’s over 100 ..the human body starts breaking down at 108 degrees so this is really important a lot of people’s health and lives are at steak potentially.”

Church said if a landlord provides an ac in your unit they are responsible for ensuring that it works.

“If its not working and you are a tenant, let your landlord know, keep it in writing, keep a copy, then give your landlord a chance to fix it. If they don’t then let them know I am going to fix it, I’m going to deduct my expenses from the rent that way.”

Church said a paper trail of your repair costs are key to help ensure your landlord can’t claim you didn’t pay your rent.

CBS46 will continue to follow the conditions at the complex and report on any updates.