Gwinnett police issue thousands of tickets to drivers speeding past school buses

School Bus (STOCK)
School Bus (STOCK)
Published: Jul. 26, 2022 at 2:15 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -Most students are heading back to school in about a week but Gwinnett School Police officers said drivers are showing no signs of slowing down for your students crossing the street after they get off the bus.

“No one likes to be told their doing something wrong,” Gwinnett School Police Officers Jack Moody said it’s a crime with a hefty fine but drivers are still disregarding student safety.

“When you see the yellow lights that’s the time to slow down,” Officer Moody said.

One bus driver told CBS46 some drivers may claim they didn’t see the big red flashing lights or stop signs on the bus but others just simply don’t care about student safety.

He said the department issued more than 8,000 bus stop sign tickets in 2021 for drivers who broke the law, despite cameras watching drivers every move from the bus.

Officer Moody showed CBS46 several videos of drivers speeding past the bus when students were getting off to cross the street.

One video showed not one, not two but three cars speeding right past the school bus after several seconds of the stop sign being up.

“I think people just don’t care you know because we have repeat offenders who run my stop sign even with my cameras,” Gwinnett Public School Bus Driver Cecilia Horton said.

If the 250 dollar fine is not enough to get you to stop for students they hope this will.

“These are your kids out here that we are shuttling you know not ours, they are yours,” Horton concluded.

The department said it is an inexcusable crime and drivers will face fines if they fail to stop for students.