Women who are pregnant in Georgia can now claim unborn child on taxes

Women who are pregnant in Georgia can now claim unborn child on taxes
Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 12:16 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - The Georgia Department of Revenue says that families who are expecting a child or children can now claim the unborn child on their taxes.

The new guidance was released on their website on Monday. It says the tax change is due to the Supreme Court’s ruling related to Roe v Wade and the Court of Appeal’s decision to allow Georgia’s “Heartbeat Law” to go into effect.


The 2019 law bans most abortions where there is a “detectable human heartbeat” or cardiac activity, which can happen as early as 6 weeks.

The Department of Revenue says anyone who is expecting a child on or after July 20 through July 31, 2022, can claim the dependent personal exemption, which is $3,000 per unborn child.

The Department of Revenue says they may ask for proof of pregnancy, and that it is not unusual to ask for relevant medical records or other documentation for other deductions.

The ability to claim the dependent only applies to the state of Georgia. It will not affect the filer’s federal returns at this time.

The department also said that additional information, including return instructions, will be issued later this year along with changes impacting Tax Year 2022 Georgia individual tax returns.

Local Atlanta obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Tosha Rogers at Atlanta Premier OB/GYN Associates says she doesn’t believe the Georgia Department of Revenue should have access to that information.

“To actually have to give information, and say, ‘Hey, yes this person is pregnant, this is the situation,’ to a tax provider, or some other person who could potentially not really even know where the information is going or how it can be used it does put us in a bit of a precarious situation,” said Rogers.

Meanwhile, Goizueta Business School accounting professor Karen Sedatole says another problem is that it’s unclear on what could be used as proof of pregnancy.

“Would that be a home pregnancy test - would that have to be a test provided by a physician or even an ultra sound?” said Sedatole.