‘I still feel it is him’: Sister says skeletal remains at Lake Mead is missing brother with Mafia ties

A family shares details about the possible identity of the first set of skeletal remains found at Lake Mead. (Source: KVVU)
Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 6:04 PM EDT
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LAS VEGAS (KVVU/Gray News) - Further details are being shared regarding the first set of skeletal remains found earlier this year at Lake Mead.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department first discovered the skeletal remains at the lake in May when investigators were called about possible remains being discovered in a barrel.

Since that discovery, police said there have been three more skeletal remains found at the lake, and this week, Barbara Brock told KVVU she believes that the first set of remains could be her brother.

Brock said her brother, Bobbi Eugene Shaw, has been missing for about 45 years. She said police contacted her about collecting DNA samples because they believe her brother matches the description of the body inside that barrel.

Officials say more human remains were discovered at Lake Mead over the weekend.

“Bob went missing in 1977, and of course, all these years, we have wondered where he is at,” Brock said. “If he is alive or dead.”

Police said the timeframe of when Shaw went missing also matched the timetable of the remains.

Brock said her brother was involved with the Mafia, which may have had some connection to his disappearance.

Police said the person’s death was a homicide and possibly mob-related.

“When they found the first body in the barrel, I knew it was him,” Brock said. “I still feel it is him.”

Brock said she hopes for some concrete answers.

“We are praying that it is Bob,” she said. “I know he is gone, but a definite knowing would make me feel better.”

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