Renting out everyday homes for film productions

Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 11:30 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - The process of renting your home or property out to film production companies for is becoming simpler by the year, with interest in Atlanta continues to rise as the film industry continues to take off in the Southeast.

“As productions continue to come here as our tax incentives continue to stay great, a lot of people want to get in on the action in listing their locations or their homes or their businesses to be filmed in,” said Cardilla Hunter with the Mayor’s Office Department of Film and Entertainment. “It’s just going skyrocket out the roof.”

If you are interested in renting out your home or property, Hunter says log on to and search for “GA Reel Scout”, which is an online searchable database for home listings that allows production companies to reach out and strike a deal for rental.

“You’d be surprised. Every script is different and they pick their locations according to that script. There are different variants of locations homes businesses,” said Hunter. “It just depends on what century the movie is taking place in and it also depends on what the style of a house that they’re looking for.”

Hunter adds that filming length varies and can last anywhere from a day to several weeks to several months. If the homeowner is unable to stay in the home during filming, the production company will pay for a stay in an Atlanta area hotel for the duration of filming. Payment amount varies depending on the production and the details of the rental agreement.

While Hunter says there have been an extremely small number of property damage or other incidents while filming on private property, it is always a good idea to ensure your homeowners insurance covers damage that could occur during rental agreements.

“It’s for normal everyday working people who want to list their homes,” said Hunter.