Atlanta records its 100th homicide in 2022, one week ahead of last year’s pace

City’s latest officially recorded murder happened Wednesday in SE Atlanta
Atlanta records its 100th homicide in 2022, one week ahead of last year’s pace
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 12:20 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 11, 2022 at 4:48 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - The city of Atlanta has officially recorded its 100th homicide for the year, approximately a week ahead of last year’s pace.

The city’s most recent crime report ended the week of August 6. Since that report was issued, five homicides have been reported. Four people were killed in separate incidents on Sunday, with the latest officially recorded homicide on Wednesday when, according to the Atlanta police department, a woman was found dead on McWilliams Road in southeast Atlanta.

“In a perfect world, we would not have any homicides, but unfortunately we did have homicide 100 yesterday,” said Carven Tyus, APD’s Interim Assistant Police Chief.

Tyus said the 100th homicide was domestic in nature at a home on McWilliams Road in southeast Atlanta on Wednesday.

Tyus said the case has cleared; the gunman is no longer a threat to the public.

APD had cleared 64% of its homicide cases in 2022, according to Mayor Andre Dickens, in a city council meeting on Monday. He said that’s roughly 10% higher than the national average.

“If you pull a gun in this town, you are going to jail,” said Dickens, in an emotional debriefing to the Public Safety Committee.

Dickens said gangs, illegal firearms, and repeat offenders are responsible for the city’s violence.

“The 100th homicide, it really reflects what we want for every homicide and that’s to get closure,” said Tyus.

According to the city’s 2021 crime report, last year’s 100th homicide was not reported until the week of 8/15-8/21.

On Thursday, CBS46 sat down with Kerri Gray, who lost her 6-month-old son to gun violence in January.

“Let’s bring the community together, let’s get more patrolling out there, and some of this might get cut down,” said Gray, who wears the ashes of her son around her neck.

Gray said she’d like to see more day-time patrols specifically in northwest Atlanta where her son was hit by crossfire in a drive-by shooting.

Gray said the trail around the two people charged in the shooting is set to start soon.

In 2020, the 100th homicide was reported during the week of Sept. 27-Oct. 3, during the Covid pandemic.