Metro Atlanta’s famous film and TV landmarks

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 10:27 AM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - For years, Georgians have had a front-row seat to the making of major blockbuster films and TV shows like Respect, Spiderman, and Black Panther.

Because of the tax credits, proximity to an international airport, and variety of backdrops from city to suburbs, Atlanta has been able to draw movie and TV productions from around the world.

“Let me tell you, the filming here is mega,” Hunter said.

Hunter said Georgia is the Hollywood of the South for a good reason.

“We have at least 14-20 productions on the street daily so we’re all over the place,” Hunter said.

The Cornucopia Arena in “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is really the Clayton County International Park. The “Oakland California” apartment complex at the beginning and end of Black Panther is actually Wheat Street Towers, east of downtown Atlanta.

“We’ve had Captain America, Baby Driver, Ozark, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things,” Hunter said. “The list goes on and on.”

CBS46 caught one production crew setting up to film in the Fairlie Poplar area of Atlanta.

“I can tell you it’s Disney, and I can tell you it’s Marvel,” the production’s location manager said.

Hunter said Atlanta is a perfect backdrop to transport audiences around the world.

“Atlanta can look like LA, Atlanta can look like Miami, we’ve looked like London, New York, and if you go outside of Atlanta you’ll get a little country as well,” Hunter said.

You can visit Georgia’s Now Filming in Georgia page to see what’s in production or prepping around the state – you may recognize more landmarks in your favorite TV show or film when it’s released.

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