Grady Hospital preparing to absorb patients with AMC closure

Published: Sep. 1, 2022 at 6:04 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -Grady Hospital will soon be the only level one trauma hospital in metro Atlanta.

Atlanta Medical Center is scheduled to close its doors Nov. 1.

“The closure of this hospital is going to put a lot of strain on the other health systems in this market,” said John Haupert, President and CEO of Grady Health System.

Haupert said one concern is how AMC’s closure will impact their emergency room.

Grady said the hospital saw a significant increase in emergency room visits when AMC South ended their emergency services.

With AMC’s downtown closure slated for November, Grady Hospital said this move will put an added strain on their emergency room and possibly others.

“The overall feel is that that volume will be spread between Grady and Emory University Hospital in Midtown and Piedmont Atlanta hospital,” said Haupert.

Haupert said Grady Hospital is prepared and has the capacity for high level emergency care, such as burn situations, car accidents and gunshot wounds.

But he adds it’s the lower level emergencies that may take a hit with AMC’s closure.

“It’s the patients who are using an emergency room the way you would probably use your primary care doctor,” said Haupert. “And because their situation is not an emergency, they’re going to wait much longer in the emergency room because the urgent cases take priority.”

Grady Health System is confident the region will be able to step up to provide patients with the care that they need.

“The thing that Atlanta can be proud of is how these health systems come together to solve problems together,” said Haupert.

Grady Hospital said planning is already underway to prepare for an influx of patients.

“We are also communicating with the primary care physicians that have been serving the patients currently and talk with them about how we can assist them in maintaining their practice and assuring that their patients have some type of transition and plan in place,” said Haupert.

Grady Hospital said several years ago they created an urgent care center close to their emergency department

“We are already beginning the planning for significantly expanding that capability so that we can move a lot of those lower level type emergency department visits to that urgent care center and so that those cases are not being seen or cared for in the emergency department,” said Haupert.