Multiple U.S. states are eliminating taxes on diapers: Could Georgia be next?

Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 6:17 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Parents know it all too well that diapers are expensive.

A growing number of states are eliminating the sales tax on diapers, but as of now, Georgia still has a sales tax on diapers in place.

Some organizations and parents of little ones say now is the time to eliminate it.

Helping Mamas CEO and Founder, Jamie Lackey said inflation is putting families in a pinch and the cost of diapers these days is a challenge for some parents.

“The cost is so exorbitant that families are literally choosing right now between paying their rent, utilities, gas to get to work and a box of diapers for their children.”

It’s why the baby supply bank said they’re working with banks in Athens and Savannah to reach out to state lawmakers to see if someone is interested in crafting a bill that would eliminate the sales tax on diapers.

“We would like to figure out who would like to champion this for us, help us out and make things better for Georgia families,” said Lackey.

Florida, New York, Maryland and Louisiana are just a handful of states to recently pass or sign legislation that would pause or eliminate sales tax on diapers.

It’s a tax some parents of little ones would like to see dropped.

“Inflation is hitting everyone,” said one mother in Atlanta who spoke with CBS 46 News. “I feel like having a kid now more so in these times is just more expensive than it used to, so I’m always looking for sales and where to cut costs.”

According to the National Diaper Bank Network, eliminating a 7 percent sales tax on diapers would save a family around $66 dollars a year.

“I think any relief we can give families right now is huge,” said Lackey.

She said her non-profit is splitting time between distributing donations to families in need and trying to remind the public and those inside the state capitol that there’s a desperate need for some relief.

“There are so many issues and so many needy, worthy causes that need attention and it’s just fighting for that spotlight, for that voice for these families to give them that relief,” said Lackey.

You can donate to Helping Mamas, which helps families in need. For more information, click here.