Reynoldstown residents say USPS refuses mail delivery for months

Reynoldstown residents say USPS refuses mail delivery for months
Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 6:39 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - It’s not rain, sleet, or snow, but construction keeping dozens of Reynoldstown residents from their mail.

Residents at Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing said the United States Postal Service had not delivered any mail to the property since June.

Alex Graff, a resident at the complex, said the missing mail impacts his growing family.

“I have a kid that’s due in 29 days,” said Graff. “We have essential baby products not being delivered to our address.”

Other neighbors report tax information, jury summons, and medical licenses were among the undelivered documents.

The problem started when construction began on affordable housing next door to the building. The work completely took over the property’s parking lot, adding some extra time and distance to delivery routes.

Matt Honald, another resident of the complex, said FedEx, UPS, and Amazon deliveries typically had no problem parking across the street and using a designated walkway for the mail area.

“The development team has paved a sidewalk that goes into our mail area. It’s not that hard to access, it just requires going onto the sidewalk,” said Honald.

The walk adds about five minutes to the route. When USPS refused to utilize the path, Honald worked with other residents and developers to propose a different solution.

Developers offered to pay for a mailbox across the street in a Habitat for Humanity parking lot. Habitat for Humanity and the Lofts at Reynoldstown Crossing H.O.A. agreed to the plan.

“What we’re trying to do is get a solution for USPS to make their lives easier,” said Honald. “We’re trying to get them back to five to six steps by moving this mailbox to this parking lot.”

Congresswoman Nikema Williams has been working with residents and USPS on a solution and was assured a solution was in the works last week.

“On September 13, my office received a letter dated August 25 from the United States Postal Service that said mail delivery would resume once temporary mailboxes are installed,” said Congresswoman Williams.

However, the following day, the Atlanta postmaster’s office sent developers a mixed message. USPS denied the temporary mailbox relocation proposal citing “customer safety.”

Those customers now say they’re confused and desperate.

“We, as customers are advocating, for that to happen,” said Graff. “I would love accountability and actual problem-solving.”

Many residents at the Lofts include teachers, police officers, nurses, or other professionals who can’t get to the post office during hours of operation.

“I work nine to five so what’s my solution - to take time off from my paternity leave to use for my family or to go get mail?” asked Graff.

Developers said the parking structure should be complete within the next 10 months or so, but residents hope to find a solution long before that.

Congresswoman Williams invited regional USPS officials to hear directly from constituents about the mail problems, but did not receive a response from USPS.

“I will keep working to ensure the USPS fulfills its obligation to deliver mail to the Lofts of Reynoldstown and every mailbox in the District – no matter your ZIP code,” said Congresswoman Williams.

USPS did not provide a statement to CBS46 addressing the claims.