DeKalb couple say neighbor’s abandoned pool a breeding ground for mosquitoes

The Bakers said they haven’t been able to enjoy their backyard for years because of mosquitoes.
Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 6:24 PM EDT
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DeKalb County, Ga. (CBS46) - An elderly couple in DeKalb County claim the abandoned pool next to their home is a mosquito breeding ground.

Jeannette Baker and her husband, Willie, have lived at their home, located at the corner of Bouldercrest Road and Town Country Drive, since 1971. However, recently they haven’t been able to enjoy their backyard.

“We can’t get anyone to do anything about it,” Jeannette said.

The couple, in their 70s, said the problem is the house next door. There’s an uncovered pool filled with green, stagnant water that’s been attracting hordes of mosquitoes for years. They worry about possible mosquito-borne illnesses.

“I mean, when my husband is cutting grass, he can’t rest at night because he’s still scratching, trying to get the hurt just the pain to stop,” said Jeannette. “It’s really bad. It’s a lot of mosquitoes.”

Jeannette said the few times she and her husband are outside, they have to spray a ton of bug spray or wear long sleeves.

“And we’ve called the Health Department,” she added. “They haven’t responded. And we’ve talked to the neighbor. And they haven’t done anything about it yet. So, we need to get something taken care of now.”

When CBS46 reporter Zac Summers called the homeowner, she said she was working to fill the pool.

“How soon are you going to do that?” Zac asked. “About a month,” she replied.

CBS46 also contacted the DeKalb County Board of Health. An investigator stopped by the home Friday afternoon and treated the pool with larvicide. They also issued a notice of violation (NOV). The property owner agreed to drill holes in the pool shell and fill the pool with clean dirt by Oct. 28.

“The property owner agreed to drill holes in the pool shell, provide photo proof of the drilled holes, and then fill the pool in with clean dirt by the agreed upon date,” a DeKalb County Board of Health spokesperson said in an email to CBS46.

“Contact was also made with the original complainant, Mr. Baker, informing him of our intervention plans, which was to include treating the pool today for mosquitoes and the NOV issued to the owner, so that the pool will be filled in within the next few weeks.”

While the Bakers said code enforcement initially referred them to the health department, a spokesperson explained their office never received a formal complaint from the couple. The agency is not a part of DeKalb County Government, but rather independent with oversight from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The property owner was warned that failure to correct the pool problem by Oct. 28 could result in legal action.

If you are a DeKalb County resident and experience a similar situation, call 404-508-7900.