Racial slur painted inside off-campus apartment complex near KSU

Racial slur painted inside off-campus apartment complex near KSU
Published: Oct. 12, 2022 at 11:22 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Kennesaw State University students told Atlanta News First that racial slurs were spray painted inside an off-campus student apartment complex early Wednesday.

The Indy apartment complex confirmed with Atlanta News First that the racial slur was spray painted inside the hallway of the third floor of the building.

Students told Atlanta News First they want management to do more to keep hate speech like this from happening where they live.

Students said they have been dealing with a number of issues at the Indy, and even though the racial slur has since been addressed, hateful rhetoric doesn’t foster a welcoming environment for KSU students of color who live there.

“I was very hurt and it made me feel very unsafe living here,” one student said. Kennesaw State students like senior psychology major A’nia live on the third floor of the Indy and they now feel concerned about what might happen next.

Several students told Atlanta News First that they were shocked someone would spray paint a racial slur in an off-campus complex like the Indy, where so many black students would have to live with the image until crews cleaned it up.

“The slur that was on the wall I was absolutely disgusted, I was upset and not only offended but a little disappointed that this was allowed to happen. The lack of security is what enabled this type of behavior to occur,” KSU senior psychology major and Indy resident Kamryn said.

The Indy management team told Atlanta News First the racial slur in the hallway has since been covered up and they filled a police report with the Cobb County Police Department.

Atlanta News First reached out to the Cobb County Police Department to see if they received a report and they shared the following response Wednesday night:

“Our office has not received any information regarding this incident, but I will speak with our criminal investigation unit and see if they are working this case,” Officer Aaron Wilson, Cobb County Police Department.

Students told Atlanta News First that this is not a secure and welcoming atmosphere for them to live in for the cost they are paying, “The Indy is advertised as an upscale student housing and for the money that’s being paid, I just think this is very unacceptable, we have a lot of safety concerns now,” A’nia said.

Kamryn also told Atlanta News First that she feels management needs to take additional steps to make students feel safe again. “The issue is making sure we find out who did this and them being held accountable for it and until they do I don’t see as if management did their job because that is what they need to do. There has been several issues in the past that they have not resolved and they have not let anyone know who did it or if consequences were rendered for those actions.”

It is unclear if the Indy will consider installing cameras following the incident.