Surprise Squad: Decatur hairstylist works to end hunger

Surprise Squad: Decatur hairstylist works to end hunger
Published: Oct. 14, 2022 at 6:30 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Dorothy Rose has been committed to our community for the past 37 years.

Whether making people feel their best in her salon chair in Decatur or serving in food ministry, it’s who she is.

“That girl has been in food ministry serving people and the fact that she took it from working in her church in the food ministry and then brought it and started her own in her salon, that speaks volumes about the kind of person she is,” says Faye Bolden, the woman who nominated Rose.

In 2010, Rose launched the Marcell Anderson Food Ministry, distributing boxed foods and canned goods to feed those in need.

Dorothy’s son Juan Rose helped take the non-profit to greater heights making it a 501(c)3 to be able to partner with local farmers, provide healthy options to recipients and receive grants.

“It’s grueling you know the times we’re living in today with the cost of food … you know, 501(c)3s and foundations are suffering as well,” Juan said. “You have the opportunity to come across the board to get things done, now you have to reach further because the outreach for food, housing, clothing, is just enormous.”

Dorothy has a heart for people, feeding the less fortunate and hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas food drives. But she realized the need for food went beyond the holiday season.

“I have to give,” she said. “I have to give because the Bible teaches us that the poor shall be among us. I’m not one of them. And He didn’t tell me to neglect them. So I enjoy, it’s in my heart, it’s in my mind. I can’t do it enough.”

So we decided to surprise her, and we didn’t come empty-handed!

She received a box of goodies from our sponsors at Dunkin’, including a $100 gift card for coffee and donuts.

And since she’s so committed to serving the greater Atlanta area, we presented Dorothy with a $2,000 check.

“This two thousand dollars came at a time that I’m praying. Where is the money coming from … from the 501c3 cause I’ve sent out donation letters, I’ve applied for grants and we’re waiting. And we’ve got 30 days before these boxes go together,” Rose said.

So through prayer and faith, on the days when the goal seems unreachable, Dorothy is encouraged because things always seem work out.

“I am honored, you guys, I am surprised beyond measure. Thank you.”

Check out this link for more information or to offer your support to Marcell Anderson Food Ministry.