Atlanta teens send tens of thousands of books to African students

Teens send thousands of books to Africa
Published: Jan. 3, 2023 at 12:45 PM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) -Despite their youth, teenage sisters in Atlanta sent tens of thousands of books to students in Africa through their foundation Child2Chil Book Foundation.

Azzarrée Uwhubetine and her sister Amirrah Uwhubetine grew up in Nigeria. To get books, family members would have to bring them back from their travels. The sisters love to read and when they moved to Atlanta, they were amazed at how accessible they are.

“We started to think, you know, it was hard for us to get books when we had people bringing them back for us, it’s going to be really hard for people who do not have access like our family members,” said Azzarrée.

That’s why they created their foundation with two other Nigerian sisters who relocated to the United States, Sedinam Asase and Eline Asase.

Child2Child Book Foundation is partnered with Books For Africa, a non-profit with a warehouse in Marietta. They send textbooks, novels, and `educational books to countries all over Africa.

Child2Child has shipped 60,000 books to Nigeria and Ghana and raised $64,000 to pay for the shipments.

“They read it and they’re just so ready for the next one and they’re just so eager for the next one and I feel like since we have so much access to it here, we take for granted, like books. These are the way to learn about different cultures and I mean the universe,” said Amirrah.

The sisters hope to travel to Ghana and Togo this year to hand-deliver books. They take donations for their foundation at