Officials warn of contractor scams after tornado damages parts of Georgia

Published: Jan. 14, 2023 at 9:07 AM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Officials have warned Georgia homeowners and business owners who are looking to hire contractors to help assess and clean up damage from the tornado to be vigilant of scammers.

After a tornado ripped through multiple areas of North Georgia on Thursday, many homeowners and business owners are looking to clean up some of the damage left behind. On Friday, many people worked to clean up debris and damage.

“We know that many of our citizens are beginning the process of having their homes and property repaired. During this process, we do not want to see anyone fall victim to scammers and others with less than honorable intentions,” said officials.

It is important to “research the business name online, inquire about references, licensing, and whether the business is insured.”

“Please do not simply take anyone at their word alone and ask for proof before signing any contract or allowing money to exchange hands. Reaching out to trusted family, friends and your insurance company are a few of the safest ways to conduct business during this time,” officials said.

According to State of Georgia Insurance Commission officials, those impacted by storm damage should follow the following steps:

Call your insurance company after assessing the damage.

  • Take pictures and videos.
  • Save your receipts if you need to pay for something immediately.
  • Protect your property, like using a tarp if there is a hole in your roof. It’s actually required because it’s a part of your insurance contract.”