Former Fulton County School District employees sue district

A district spokesperson said the district will not make comments on pending litigation.
Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 7:22 PM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Two former Fulton County School District employees are suing the district, claiming discrimination and retaliation.

“They both involve what we contend is a pattern of the Fulton County School District not protecting people that are internal whistleblowers,” said attorney Artur Davis.

Davis is representing Robert Bailey, who worked in IT for the district, and Bridgette Marques, the former principal at State Bridge Crossing Elementary School.

Bailey is suing the district, Superintendent Mike Looney and Emily Bell, the district’s chief information officer. Marques is suing the district and former zone superintendent Timothy Corrigan.

Davis said, “It’s important for people to feel they can complain about discrimination either that they’re experiencing themselves or that they’re witnessing happen to others.”

According to Bailey’s lawsuit, he “alleges he was subjected to discriminatory treatment by Defendants based on his race and that he was subjected to retaliation based on the fact that he initiated internal complaints of discrimination.”

“All of the sudden after he makes a complaint, $80,000 pay cut and demotion,” said Davis.

Bailey chose to resign instead.

Marques’ lawsuit alleges she was retaliated against after lodging a complaint after hearing Corrigan make remarks that included “jokes...about visiting an Asian massage parlor; a monologue that purported to imitate the speech and dialect patterns of Asians; and a mimicking reference to members of the LGBT community as ‘girly men.’”

Davis said, “Within six weeks to 10 weeks of Ms. Marques making her complaint of inappropriate remarks made by a zone superintendent, she found that same zone superintendent leveling allegations that she had attendance problems.”

Upon later learning the district was terminating her, Marques opted to resign.

A district spokesperson said the district will not make comments on pending litigation.

“Fulton County Schools values the diversity of our employees, students, and community. The district maintains an independent investigative department for employee complaints. The district reviews any and all complaints seriously and thoroughly,” according to a district statement.

Corrigan, who now works at a school outside of the district, declined to comment.