Georgia state lawmakers propose tougher gun laws

There is an attempt at improving gun safety and reducing gun violence by several state leaders.
Published: Feb. 13, 2023 at 6:29 PM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - There is an attempt at improving gun safety and reducing gun violence by several state leaders.

Mitch Mitchell is the director of operations at Stoddard’s Range and Guns where firearms safety is a top priority.

He said customers receive a free cable lock with every firearm they buy and they are encouraged to purchase a portable safe.

“There’s a duty of care that one a firearm owner should bring to ownership,” Stoddard’s Range and Guns Director of Operations said.

Still, a group of state Democratic lawmakers and other advocates believe there should be more gun safety measures in place.

“Gun violence is indeed a public health crisis,” State Rep. Michelle Au said. “As of 2020, the number one cause of death in children and teenagers in the United States is gun violence.”

They called for bipartisan support at the state capitol on Monday pertaining to legislation that would require universal background checks for firearms transfers and purchases as well as a three-day waiting period and make it a crime to not adequately secure a firearm.

“We cannot gun-proof children, but research has shown that we can prevent 85% of pediatric unintentional gun deaths and more than 75% of suicide with safe storage,” Pediatric Emergency Room Doctor Sofia Chaudhary said.

“We have a strong belief in the right of the second amendment and law-abiding citizens to own a weapon but we encourage folks to do it safely to make sure you put your weapon in a gun safe or whatever that may be but at the end of the day our office is focused on is violent criminals, those that are illegally obtaining weapons and illegally using weapons and making sure we uphold the law,” Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr said.