State House passes Mariam’s Law, expanding restrictions for convicted sex offenders

“The tragedy and the pain my family went through, it’s important that doesn’t happen to anyone else,” Mariam’s brother, Ali Abdulrab, told Atlanta News First.
The Georgia Dangerous Sexual Predator Prevention Act was passed by the state House on Crossover Day.
Published: Mar. 6, 2023 at 6:07 PM EST|Updated: Mar. 6, 2023 at 6:10 PM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - A bill that would expand restrictions for convicted Georgia sex offenders was passed by the state House on Monday, which was also Crossover Day.

Georgia Dangerous Sexual Predator Prevention Act, also known as Mariam’s Law, would require some sex offenders to wear electronic ankle monitors.

The proposed law, which now heads over to the Senate, comes after an Atlanta News First investigation which exposed a loophole that allowed a repeat sex offender to get out of prison only to, prosecutors say, kidnap and kill 27-year-old Mariam Abdulrab, on her way home from work.

SPECIAL REPORT: Mariam’s Law in Georgia

“The tragedy and the pain my family went through, it’s important that doesn’t happen to anyone else. So, this bill will do just that,” Mariam’s brother, Ali Abdulrab, said.

If passed, Mariam’s Law would require sex offenders who have not received a risk level assessment to be fitted with an ankle monitor.

Once they are leveled, tier 3 offenders would be required to wear the monitor for the duration of their probation, while tier 1 and 2 offenders could have them removed, if the Department of Community Supervision gives the okay.

“She was always known for taking care of others around her and I like to look at this bill as doing the same thing, it’ll take care of the people in our state,” Ali Abdulrab added.

Mariam’s Law would also change the name of the Sexual Offender Registration Review Board to the Sexual Offender Risk Review Board. State Representative Steven Sainz, who sponsored the bill, calls it a testimony to Mariam’s family and friends.

“It really shows you how much Mariam’s life was an impact on others and I’m really excited to be able to turn a tragedy into something that will keep Georgians safe for a long time to come,” Rep. Steven Sainz (R), District 180, said.


ANF+ Expanding restrictions for convicted sex offenders

Last year, the Atlanta City Council unanimously approved a resolution urging state lawmakers to adopt Mariam’s Law, which would expand restrictions for Georgia sex offenders.

After her death, Abdulrab’s friends and family created Mariam Forever, an organization advocating for substantial change in legislation to protect the community from preventable violent crimes.

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