Top 5 Dollywood experiences you must check out that are not rides

Dollywood Theme Park
Dollywood Theme Park(WANF)
Published: Mar. 11, 2023 at 12:21 PM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Dollywood has grown by leaps and bounds since it first opened in 1986, with 2023 being a special year as they celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dolly’s hit song, “I Will Always Love You.”

The park now sports rides and attractions rivaling those of other big-name parks; even so, thrill rides aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, while others may find themselves in search of things to do in between the fast, colossal coasters. Guests of Dollywood are in luck! The park isn’t all thrill rides, with plenty of fun activities and sights to see across its expansive property.

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Tennessee Mountain Home:

Dolly Parton has long been an icon in music, movies, and business, so it may surprise some to hear that she grew up very poor. Park guests can see a glimpse into that early life via a faithful recreation of her childhood Tennessee Mountain Home, built by her brother and decorated by her mother.

Dollywood Theme Park
Dollywood Theme Park(WANF)

Dolly’s Home on Wheels:

There is another of Dolly’s homes on display at the park, this one the real deal: one of her actual, retired tour buses, reported to have logged over 600,000 miles of travel across the United States. Described as her “home away from home,” this exhibit lets guests see what life was like on the road for one of country music’s biggest stars.

Dolly’s Closet:

If you’re looking to take home a little taste of some of Dolly’s signature looks, Dolly’s Closet has everything you can imagine. The store features clothes, jewelry, and accessories to let you capture the essence of Dolly Parton over the years, from her country western days to her most glamorous looks. Shoppers can also find other gifts, books, and more centered around Dolly!

Eagle Mountain Sanctuary:

Eagle Mountain Sanctuary is a remarkable feat, touted as the largest exhibit on non-releasable bald eagle sin the nation. The birds living at the sanctuary are disabled, unable to survive in the wild. It’s well worth your time to see so many America’s national birds among the 400,000 cubic feet sanctuary.


This is a theme park in the south, so it should be no surprise that there is no shortage of delicious food at Dollywood. From Aunt Granny’s to Miss Lillian’s Smokehouse to Granny Ogle’s Ham ‘N’ Beans, you definitely won’t be left hungry during your visit to Dollywood! Make sure you stop by Grist Mill to have their ever-popular cinnamon bread before you leave the park.

Cinnamon bread at Dollywood
Cinnamon bread at Dollywood(WANF)

The rides are usually the stars of the show at most parks, but it’s clear that Dollywood has much more to offer for guests looking to slow things down throughout the day. That’s only a glimpse into the multitude of exhibits, dining, shopping, entertainment, and more that you can find across the park. Be sure to check out for more information on the park.