Low early voter turnout ahead of Mableton’s first election

Low early voter turnout ahead of Mableton’s first election.
Published: Mar. 17, 2023 at 10:44 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Next week voters will elect Mableton’s first-ever mayor and city council.

The special election for Cobb’s newest and largest city is Tuesday. But so far, voter turnout has been lackluster.

Kisha Scott is hoping to be a part of Mableton’s inaugural city council. She’s running for District 2, on the west side of town near Six Flags.

But as she’s campaigned, she’s noticed a trend.

“I’m mesmerized that so many people, 13,000 in my district, are still unaware that there’s an election happening on March 21,” Scott said.

Voters passed a cityhood referendum last November, wanting more autonomy on issues like zoning and development in Mableton.

But in the soon-to-be city of nearly 80,000 people, only about 2,000 people voted early.

Cobb Elections Director, Janine Eveler, says the county has mailed notices, held town halls, and published information online to educate people on the special election.

“It’s been a little slow. Slower than we thought,” Eveler said. “We thought there was a lot of energy in that area and a lot of folks were very vocal about the Mableton cityhood referendum. So we kind of thought there would be more engagement. But it’s possible that people are waiting for election day,” Eveler said.

Now county leaders and candidates are making a last-minute push to remind people to show up on Tuesday.

“Do I go get a bullhorn and just ride down the street to let people know that they need to use their right to democracy and vote? We’re a city now. Let’s get together, be a community, come out and support those candidates,” Scott said.

If you live in Mableton, click HERE to verify which precinct you are assigned to vote at on Tuesday.

To view a sample ballot for the special election, click HERE.