After Tuesday runoffs, Mableton will have its first set of city leaders

Mableton held historic runoff elections on Tuesday that will decide the makeup of their first-ever city council and first mayor.
Published: Apr. 18, 2023 at 5:57 PM EDT|Updated: Apr. 18, 2023 at 9:28 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Mableton held historic runoff elections on Tuesday that will decide the makeup of their first-ever city council and first mayor.

Voters approved Mableton cityhood in November of 2022 – the only one of four cityhood referendums to pass that year. After Tuesday’s voting, they’ll have their new and their first city leadership.

“Everyone really who is running for office all wants to see Mableton move forward,” said District 3 city council candidate Yashica Marshall. “Just being a part of something that is this historic, is very sentimental. It would mean the world to me.”

Safety and economic revitalization were the geneses of the cityhood movement. Supporters of breaking off from Cobb County wanted more autonomy over their zoning decisions and redevelopment projects. From the very beginning, the split was steeped in controversy. Although cityhood supporters say there were multiple local meetings and ample literature sent out, some voters at the time were unclear that what they were voting on was a split from Cobb County.

“We thought we were just going to vote on the process of going to be a city, but we didn’t know we were actually voting to be a city,” said resident Allen Cooper, leaving the polls on Tuesday.

“We expect success regardless, but we’re hoping they keep the same feel Mableton has been known for,” he continued.

The city categorized in-person voting on Tuesday as “light.” Mableton’s special election in March saw a turnout of only a few thousand out of the over 70,000 residents that are within the new city limits.

“Historically we’ve had some issues with some people who didn’t want to be a part of the city, but I think they’re getting on board now,” said Marshall. “I think they’re feeling excited about it.”

With their decision to divorce Cobb County, Mableton lost the services associated with being part of a larger municipal entity.

Tori Silas, chair of the Cobb County Board of Elections, wants people to think of that as they cast their ballots now and in future elections.

“They are, residents, electing the leaders who will lead the charge in the formation of the City of Mableton and establishing all of the city codes with regard to code enforcement and some of the other services that the county will no longer provide,” she said.

Five races went to a runoff on Tuesday: the mayoral race, and races for the city’s second, third, fourth, and fifth districts.


Voters approved a split from Cobb County in the November 2022 election, wanting more autonomy over zoning and development in the Mableton area.