Atlanta skatepark becomes community center, offers classes to riders

“Village Skatepark ATL is a Non-Profit Indoor Skatepark and Community Center for Action Sports.”
Village Skatepark ATL
Village Skatepark ATL(WGCL)
Published: Apr. 18, 2023 at 8:29 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) -The drive up to the Village Skatepark in Atlanta is a sure sign you are about to walk into something uniquely created, and community-led.

“I didn’t want this space to be completely reliant on people just riding the ramps,” said TK Billups.

The idea from the beginning is that this place would be more than a safe spot to skate, it would be a community center, for the action sports community.

“You can skate or ride a bike or ride a scooter. You can also sew, and learn how to sew. You can learn how to use power tools. You can learn agriculture and gardening. You can learn how to make your own apparel out of stencils and screen printing,” said Aura Walker.

”I have always been a part of the skateboarding culture, a lot of what we do is we kind of build our own spaces and do a lot of DIY work,” said Max Kollman.

The warehouse is covered in art, clothes made and sold here, and ramps of all kinds. The next room has a workroom for skates, skateboards, and bikes. There is an art room next to it, a warehouse for classes, and a garden in the back.

“We think these skills are really great to teach kids young adults, older adults, how to be self-sufficient in a world that is really reliant on ordering something with the click of a button,” said Aura.

You can pay $8 for a day pass or $25 a month. The money goes towards bills and expanding the programs.

“We got this space 10 days after my son was born,” said TK.

It really does take a village, to raise a child, to build community.

“It means that there is a need that is being fulfilled. It means that there is a community that is ready and willing to contribute. It means that there are solutions to a lot of the issues that we face,” said TK.

“When people see people riding around wheels on the street the perception it is a highlighting the things that people do on and off showcases how positive the culture of action sports really is,” said Max.