Trump Georgia indictment defendant says he’s paying bond for some Fulton County inmates

Harrison Floyd, only Black man charged in case, was also the only one who spent any time in Fulton County Jail
He said he would prioritize people jailed for non-violent crimes with no history of addiction and people with families.
Published: Sep. 12, 2023 at 7:18 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - On Tuesday, Harrison Floyd walked up to the Fulton County Jail to help people do what he struggled to do himself just two weeks ago: bond out.

Floyd, one of the 19 defendants charged in a sweeping election interference indictment, said he set aside roughly $72,000 of contributions to his own legal defense fund to help people post bail.

Working with A Second Chance Bail Bonds, who facilitated the releases, Floyd said he would prioritize people jailed for non-violent crimes with no history of addiction and people with families.

“Especially fathers because that’s incredibly important in the Black community,” he said.

Floyd is the only Black man charged in the indictment and was the only defendant who could not immediately post bail. The leader of the group Black Voices for Trump spent six days in jail while his co-defendants were in and out in hours or even minutes in some cases.

“I’m the only Black male, right,” said Floyd. “We are in Georgia, right? There’s a history of that.”

Floyd noted the ten deaths inside the jail this year alone, and called on elected leaders, including the governor and the Fulton County district attorney who indicted him to do something.

“Ten people have died in this jail this year, 10 people,” he said. “That’s one a month and it isn’t even October yet. And they haven’t done anything. I noticed that there were really good officers that were working in there that do not have the resources that they need to ensure that they are kept safe or that other inmates are kept safe.”

Floyd is facing three indictment counts tied to his alleged efforts to pressure mother and daughter Fulton County election workers Ruby Moss and Shaye Freeman into making false claims about ballot counting at State Farm Arena the night of the 2020 election.

Floyd wouldn’t comment Tuesday when asked if he had a message to the two women, who received death threats and even had to leave their homes after the false allegations spread.

Floyd said he would break apart the $72,000 so they could allow families to call into A Second Chance to request help on bond.

He said some of the money was donated by Joe Oltmann, a businessman whose ideas are popular with far-right voters.

It was unclear on Tuesday how many people Floyd intended to bail out of the jail. He said he doesn’t believe former president Donald Trump should be responsible for paying his legal fees, or the legal fees of any of the other co-defendants.

“President Trump isn’t the one who put me in here right,” he said. “He’s not the one who indicted me. So why should he have to pay for my legal bills?”

Floyd also hinted at a possible run for higher office, saying “any and all options” are on the table.