Security guard at gentleman’s club saves life of man who arrived with gunshot wound

Security guards stepped in to save a life after a man was shot at a gentlemen’s club early Sunday morning.
Published: Sep. 26, 2023 at 11:16 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Security guards stepped in to save a life at a gentlemen’s club after a man was shot early Sunday morning.

Now brand-new surveillance video shows the moments the victim showed up in need of help.

Trevor Young is the head of security at the Blue Flame Lounge in Northwest Atlanta and he said once he realized the man was wounded he didn’t think, he just acted.

A car pulls up and a guy hops out, he’s visibly in distress, he’s shot,” Young said.

Young said after the man arrived at the lounge in a silver truck, he quickly realized he was shot multiple times on his body.

“We saw it, we got a tourniquet, we tied it around his leg, we marked the time, and we called 911,” Young said.

Police said the man was shot somewhere else before driving to the Blue Flame Lounge, and he was still alert when he was finally taken to Grady Hospital.

Investigators still don’t know where he was shot but Young said he’s glad he knew what to do in the moment.

“To be honest we’ve been attending the Mayor’s, ‘Stop the Bleed’ training and all of these courses so when the opportunity arose we knew what to do,” Young said.

“Stop the Bleed” is a training course offered through the City of Atlanta quarterly.

It trains people without medical backgrounds how to recognize and stop life-threatening bleeding.

Young said all 20 security guards at Blue Flame Lounge have taken the course four times in the last year.

He said the area around the Blue Flame Lounge has seen a significant amount of crime but Sunday morning was a change in pace.

Because a lot of times when there’s shootings or things that happen in the area it’s always the Blue Flame. So if it happens at the gas station, or across the street, or even in the Burger King, it’s a shooting at the Blue Flame. They always associate the problems with us, and it doesn’t always come from us,” Young said.

Young was thankful that they were still ready when tragedy pulled up right to their door.

“And in this case, it came to us, and we jumped into action,” Young said.

At last check, the victim was recovering in the hospital but police are still working to determine where the victim was shot and who is responsible.