Teen’s love for sports sparks a heartwarming surprise

The Atlanta News Surprise Squad told Parker that his perseverance and determination help people more than he knows.
Teen's love for sports sparks a heartwarming surprise
Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 4:19 PM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Parker Grelecki is beyond passionate about sports, and he is more than happy to share that love with any and all who want to listen.

“Even at a young age, he was really drawn to sports; could not play sports, but everything like the announcers, the public broadcast announcers, the voiceover,” said his father, Ryan Grelecki.

The fact that Parker is able to so easily rattle off names, scores, and other figures is remarkable, even more so considering his parents were unsure he’d survive after birth. Born with a cranial circumference three times the size of a baby, with three-and-a-half pounds of excess fluid, Parker was suffering from severe brain damage with a prognosis of “wait and see.”

“We didn’t know if he was going to survive, thrive, walk, talk,” said his father.

Parker did survive, then he thrived, and then he talked, especially when it came to sports. Not only did young Parker know about the big, popular names, but he seemed to be in tune with the lesser-known players and facts. “Not even the big ones, right, like we know those names, but he knows the names of people doing games in the middle of nowhere,” said his father, after which Parker rattled off facts about the University of Wisconsin men’s basketball team All of this finds its way into the podcats Parker does with his father, called the Fan in Fanatic.

“So, this is my backdrop, and these are my questions/cue cards, my microphone, and this is the seat that I use,” explained Parker.

After hearing Parker’s remarkable story, the Atlanta News First Surprise Squad felt his life filled with joy and passion was worth celebrating.

Filled with enthusiasm and infectious energy, Parker’s family believes he has a purpose.

“When we found out, we just prayed that God would be glorified through Parker’s life,” said his mother, Crysie Grelecki.

As Parker took the time to get to know the ANF and Beaver Toyota teams, ANF’s Gurvir Dhindsa told him they were there with a special surprise for him.

Upon opening the box, Parker was awed with a custom mic flag.

“What the, how in the world? What, aww, thank you,” said Parker.

That wasn’t all for the young sports fanatic, as he was presented with even more goodies including a Trae Young jersey With hands on his face, Parker exclaimed, “I’m gonna cry.” The surprises were far from over, as he laid his eyes on VIP tickets to an upcoming Hawks game, a Beaver Toyota hockey jersey, tickets to a Gladiators hockey game, and $500.

Needless to say, Parker was jumping up and down in excitement.

“He’s usually not overwhelmed, he’s overwhelmed,” said his grandfather, Des Yawn. The Atlanta News Surprise Squad told Parker that his perseverance and determination help people more than he knows. “I’m so excited, I don’t think I’ve ever been moved to tears before,” said Parker. “Thank you, by the way, you definitely wowed me!” When asked for final thoughts for anyone watching, Parker had words of encouragement. “Follow their dreams, don’t, like, let anyone get you down man,” said Parker.

Thanks to our sponsors Beaver Toyota of CummingUnited Community Bank, and Van Sant Law for making this surprise possible.

If you know someone helping others and making a difference in the community, let us know at surprisesquad@atlantanewsfirst.com.