ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - Atlanta-based UPS and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters were set to begin meetings on a new national contract in Washington, D.C., on Monday.

At the same time, Teamsters locals throughout metro Atlanta held rallies, according to social media posts, in support of the union’s negotiations with the global carrier giant.

According to company statement, “UPS will be in Washington, D.C. ... ready to negotiate with the Teamsters on the National Master Agreement and the supplemental agreements. Discussions around national negotiations and supplemental agreements often take place at the same time. We have bargained in good faith since the start and will continue to review and consider all proposals that are brought to the table.

“We are committed to reaching an agreement that provides wins for our employees, the Teamsters, UPS and our customers,” the company said. “Taking care of our people and delivering for our customers is our top priority.”

Over the weekend, Teamsters Union Local 278 posted images on its Facebook page of what it called rallies throughout metro Atlanta in support of a new contract.

According to Reuters, the labor contract talks impact about 340,000 U.S. drivers, package handlers and loaders at UPS.

UPS is the world’s biggest parcel delivery firm and No. 1 employer of Teamster-represented U.S. workers. The company, Reuters reported, wants a deal that will satisfy workers, customers and investors, while enabling UPS to fend off non-unionized competitors like FedEx Corp and

The Teamsters wants an agreement that shares billions of dollars in UPS profit with workers and helps to recruit new members.

“We have clearly stated our intentions to UPS from the beginning that there would be no national negotiations until these regional contracts are completed,” said Teamster President Sean O’Brien last week. “This is not a game. After pulling in record-breaking revenue of more than $100 billion last year, UPS is delusional to think they can just ignore the workers who make them successful.”