Do you have access to expert care and patient choice with your health plan?

Kaiser Permanente

Sponsored - Choosing a health care plan is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Not only are folks looking for an affordable plan, but many are also looking for access to expert comprehensive care, clinical trials, cutting-edge treatments for complex conditions and a patient-oriented experience centered around you.

Here are three critical elements to a healthcare plan that can deliver for you:

Better health care starts with selecting the best medical professionals.

As one of the largest multispecialty practices in the Atlanta area, Kaiser Permanente is committed to providing the highest quality care to every patient. That starts with a selective hiring process that includes recruiting medical professionals at the top of their field and new doctors from the best medical schools in the country.

According to the not-for-profit health plan and provider network, only one of every 10 applicants becomes a Kaiser Permanente physician. This is a major contributing factor to Kaiser Permanente ranking in the top 1%of health plans in the nation and having doctors who are regularly recognized as “Top Doctors” by local publications such as Atlanta Magazine.

More importantly, this investment in medical expertise means you can access the best of care from regular wellness to more complex diagnoses, such as cancer or heart disease.

Kaiser Permanente

A connected network promotes a better patient experience.

At Kaiser Permanente, physicians are connected by the largest commercial electronic health records system in the country. That gives providers access to your medical information allowing care teams to make well-informed and timely decisions across specialties.

Outside of a network like this, many patients experience moving from primary care to specialty care while managing their own health records and waiting for new doctors to receive records.

However, a connected network provides for streamlined delivery of care that save hassle and eliminates confusion for you and your providers. Additionally, the Kaiser Permanente app allows you to be an engaged and active stakeholder in your health care. You can access your own records, schedule appointments, and receive communication with doctors and care team members.