5 Ways That a Connected Model Represents True Choice

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Kaiser Permanente offers a health system and payer in one model. That means members can access unique care experiences. According to a 2022 Kaiser Permanente Brand Strength monitor, 86% of Kaiser Permanente members say Kaiser Permanente is a brand they can trust.

The unique Kaiser Permanente model means that doctors and specialists working within the health system only see patients who are members of their health system. While it is a connected model, members also have flexibility when choosing the direction of their health care.

Kaiser Permanente

Here are some key things to know about how a connected model fosters true choice:

1. A unique relationship with your doctor

You can choose from a roster of renowned primary care physicians with whom you can maintain a unique relationship. Physicians who practice at Kaiser Permanente have been recognized as some of Georgia’s best by publications, such as “Atlanta” magazine.

2. Care on your calendar

A connected model means a comprehensive scheduling platform available online or through the Kaiser Permanente app, where you can make appointments anytime, day or night. Have a question? Just ask online and get your answer within hours. Want to skip the trip? Kaiser Permanente offers convenient telehealth options, such as phone and video visits. E-visits are available for those common situations where you need some guidance or a prescription.

3. Freedom from being the middleman

Many insurance models make seeing a specialist part of a burdensome approval process. That is not the case with Kaiser Permanente. Because it’s a truly connected model, your care and coverage are already integrated and seamless for the member.

4. Plans that let you choose

Kaiser Permanente’s doctors are among the nation’s finest, recruited from the top medical schools. However, if you would like to see doctors that are not in-network for specialty care, you can choose a plan that gives you access to not only 600+ Kaiser Permanente physicians throughout the metro-Atlanta area but also many physicians who have private practices in the community. No matter which doctors you see, your plan will still be part of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated system, where you can take advantage of our telehealth

options and get medical attention at any of our 24/7 Advanced Urgent Care centers.

5. No more paperwork

Kaiser Permanente’s electronic health record tracks each appointment in your record to keep your care team updated on your overall health picture. That helps reduce or eliminate paperwork. Care team members can consult easily with one another, which produces better health outcomes for you. And your medical record even extends to the care you get outside your doctor’s exam room.

— Hailey Childers for Kaiser Permanente

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