Confusion at GA-400, I-285 interchange prompts officials to partner with Waze

Getting on and off GA-400 or I-285 around the interchange can be confusing thanks to the heavy construction. So Sandy Springs officials and police are partnerin
Published: Feb. 28, 2022 at 8:40 PM EST
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ATLANTA (CBS46) — Getting on and off GA-400 or I-285 around the interchange is confusing at the best of times thanks to the heavy construction.

Sandy Springs officials and police are partnering with Waze to help alleviate some of the stress.

“We’re seeing a lot of road closures and people are lost sometimes, so what we discovered is Waze offers a partnership with cities, which is called Waze For Cities. It’s a great program since cities or police departments can go onto their website and they can report live updates and closures,” said Sgt. Salvador Ortega, with the Sandy Springs Police Department.

When that information is loaded through Waze For Cities, police say the information is instantly updated on the Waze app.

“They can also report future closures. For instance, if we have a planned road closure next weekend, we can go ahead in advance and upload the data to Waze.”

Abernathy Road is used by thousands of cars to navigate under GA-400 and will be closed on certain nights for the next few weeks, prompting officials to seek a way to help travelers navigate through the area.

Many people prefer other navigation apps such as Apple Maps and Google Maps, which owns Waze.

CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy did a test using Google Maps and Waze to take him to the same location on Abernathy Road to see if they would match up.

Even though Google owns Waze and taps into their road data, Google Maps showed a different route compared to Waze. Throughout the journey following the Google Maps route, Waze repeatedly tried to take different routes than Google Maps, never syncing up.

“I will not endorse [Waze], I mean, people have the ability to choose which product and which app they prefer to use but we are collaborating with Waze and we are providing them with real time data,” Sgt. Ortega said.

Ortega also said the confusion during construction is leading to road rage in the area and they are hoping this new partnership will help ease those incidents.